Senora Confidence Regular Flow (Panty System) 10 pcs

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  • Quaker White Oats

    ৳ 320

    Order 100% natural whole grain Quaker White Oats from chaldal. Mix it with milk to boost protein. So, buy the good food with affordable price. Net weight 500 gm.

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  • Assure Albumen

    ৳ 1,380

    ASSURE ALBUMEN (egg white) is nature’s best source of protein, which

    resembles serum albumin and so gets easily absorbed and utilized for muscle

    building. Egg has highest protein efficiency ratio PER (3.8), which means it asures

    building more muscle mass when compared to other protein sources of food has

    excellent amino acid profile especially BCAA and Glutamic Acid that stimulates

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  • Nutricion-R

    ৳ 950

    NUTRICION-R  is specially designed for
    1.Weight Management
    2.Nutritional supplement
    3.Liquid Diet

    1.For Eternal Use-Suitable for Oral and Tube Feeding.
    2.Not for Parental use.
    3.Not recommended for Children below 6 Yrs.

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  • Horlicks Lite Jar

    ৳ 380

    Horlicks Lite: 0 Cholesterol, 0 added sugar

    Nourishment for Active Adults

    Horlicks Lite contains the goodness of malted barley with zero cholesterol[2], high protein[2] and no added sugar[3]..

    Everyday Lifestyle and bad eating habits can lead to cell damage. Horlicks Lite Enriched with a range of minerals & 6 antioxidant nutrients protect body cells from damage and helps cell repair. Horlicks Lite is recommended for age 19 years and onward.

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  • Lifebuoy Handwash Total Refill

    ৳ 60

    Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Wash makes hand washing quicker and more effective than ever before! The Total 10 handwash contains advanced germ protection ingredient, Activ Naturol Shield, and gives 99.9% germ protection in just 10 seconds! Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand wash prevents the spread of germs, keeping the family safe from infection causing germs. It is specially designed to give you and your family superior germ protection. So now stay 1 step ahead of infections, and keep your hands clean and healthy.

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