Mediplus Fluoride Gel Toothpaste

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  • Nestlé Nido Growing Up 1+ Protection Milk

    ৳ 360

    NIDO GUM is a Growing Up Milk powder for Growing Up Children.

    It contains Prebiotics, Immuno-nutrients as well as essential 13 Vitamins, 11 Minerals & Protein. These all helps to enhance IMMUNITY and ensure PROTECTION against different bacteria & viruses.

    Thus it helps to ensure proper physical and mental development. NIDO GUM is a product of Australia. It is the most affordable dairy product of Nestlé Bangladesh

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  • ACI Savlon Liquid Antiseptic

    ৳ 125

    Savlon Liquid Antiseptic is used in first-aid to clean wounds and prevent infection. It contains two medicine is available called chlorhexidine and cetrimide which are both antiseptics that kill germs. Savlon can be used on minor cuts, abrasion, stings and insect bites. It disinfect, prevents infection and promotes the natural healing process if the skin. It can also be used in the bathing.

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  • Goat Soap With Lavender 100g

    ৳ 450

    Made with pure Goat’s milk and sweet almond oil, our Goat Soap bars are suitable for dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

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  • Vitalac fullcream milk powder Poly 500gm

    ৳ 350

    Vitalac is an instant full cream milk powder produced from fresh cow’s milk of the highest quality. When reconstituted by adding drinking water, it has all the nutritional value of fresh milk.

    Vitalac contains the proteins, vitamins and calcium that are particularly essential for children’s growth.

    Vitalac is perfectly suitable for use in the preparation of any food requiring fresh milk, such as cake, sweets, yogurt etc.

    Vitalac is excellent in tea and coffee.

    Vitalac is manufactured under the strictest conditions of hygiene which guarantees its optimal bacteriological purity.

    Vitlac, just like cow’s milk, is not adapted for feeding infants.

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  • Goat Soap Oatmeal 100g

    ৳ 450

    Containing Australian oat bran with colloidal oatmeal, this soap will help restore your skin’s natural PH balance. It is the perfect gentle exfoliator, helping to absorb excess oils from your skin while keeping it smooth and radiant.

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  • Vibro Shape Professional Slimming Belt

    ৳ 1,500

    Vibro Shape Professional Slimming Belt designed to effectively tone and slim different sections of the body. You can use this amazing device while, sitting at the computer, spending time with your family, working, cooking or simply resting. If you don’t have time to exercise then the Vibro Professional Slimming Belt is for you. Assists slimming …

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